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The European food & feed cultures association - EFFCA - was formed in 1992.

EFFCA’s objective is to enhance public knowledge of the contribution the use of microbial cultures make within the food chain through accurate, fair and scientifically-based information; while discouraging any inappropriate promotion or misuse.

EFFCA constantly monitors the regulatory and scientific evolution affecting microbial cultures, their production and their use.

EFFCA actively fosters exchange of general information among its members, the scientific community and governmental bodies.

EFFCA cooperates, both within the European Union and globally, with a wide range of stakeholders in the area of microbial cultures. In particular, EFFCA has observer status within Codex Alimentarius.

EFFCA is a central source of information for regulatory authorities, journalists, NGOs, other food/feed sector associations, scientists and academic audiences.

EFFCA has the status of observer within Codex Alimentarius.

Our EU transparency Register # 72100739096-39

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